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How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Architect
If you're looking for an architect you've probably browse the 20 things to ask an architect article published by the AIA by now. While New York architects is a wonderful list, it doesn't address all the issues that ought to be considered today. Los Angeles architects is really a rapidly changing profession, especially in the realm of software. Many firms have yet to make the significant investment essential to be at the forefront of their industry. It is also an occupation that balances art and science, and requires good communication and organization skills. While it's difficult to assess whether a specific architect will fit the bill, here are nine ways to help:

1. Visit the architect's office.

An architect's office can say a whole lot about their design aesthetic and creativity. Typically, though, first meetings with litigant will be at their project site, so you might not have an opportunity to start to see the architect's office. Consider scheduling a trip at the architect's office in a few days of the initial meeting.

2. A disorganized architect's office may be a red flag.

An architect has to organize hundreds, if not a large number of bits of information, and a disorganized office might be a large red flag. However, don't confuse artist creativity with disorganization. Models or model building supplies, trace paper and sketches can be quite a sign of real creativity, but project information is normally stored in binders and filing cabinets. Large piles of unsorted paper are probably not a good sign.

3. Ask your architect if they are using 3D software (the answer ought to be 'yes' - then ask them if they're using BIM).

The latest architectural software is called BIM (building information model) and the more sophisticated architects are employing this. A residence or project designed in BIM is totally or almost completely designed in three dimensions (3D). Furthermore, in many cases the software can help eliminate errors in coordination of drawings because the two dimensional drawings are 'extracted' from the 3D model. The software also keeps track of things like sizes of each door and window, and when a size is changed in one drawing, it is automatically updated in another. This is often a real help in reducing errors.

4. Education may be the foundation of an architect's experience.

While attending a good school can help assure your architect includes a good foundation to build upon, usually a better indicator is how an architect did in the school they attended. Many architecture instructors will tell you that 10%-20% of students are actually talented designers and few students who weren't got significantly better because they went through school. To obtain Los Angeles architects of how an architect performed in school, ask about design awards they may have won or exhibitions they could have participated in. In the event that you enquire about academic performance, differentiate between design studio classes, and non-design studio classes.

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